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Launched in 1998 with the instant success of the initial collection of dinnerware produced in Céramique Café’s basement, Ketto has expanded, and its original and magical characters have taken up residence on a wide range of products. The company’s wonderful and natural progression has kept the founders’ creative prowess in sharp focus.

Today, the Ketto characters are featured on collections designed to delight the young and old alike: handbags, school bags, lunch bags, pencil cases, cosmetic bags, coffee mugs, and more! A thousand and one ways to brighten up your day and put smiles on the faces around you. Ketto encourages you to live colourfully and never, ever forget, that it’s all the little pleasures in life that make a world of difference!

Ketto is also proud to add the Eco-Ketto collections to its offer. 

All made with a material of recycled plastic bottles, this line of products include Zero Waste reusable pouches, lunch bags, wallets, handbags and accessories.

Ketto is a CANADIAN company.

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